Report a Sighting

Report a Coyote Sighting

The Bloomingdale Police Department fields concerns from the community regarding coyote sightings in residential areas.  After conversations with DuPage County Animal Control and the Illinois Department of Conservation it was recommended to seek assistance from an expert who is licensed to trap, relocate, or euthanize the animal in extreme situations.   To expedite a proactive response to these concerns, the Village reached out to a licensed Urban Coyote Specialist who has extensive research experience in this field.   With over 38 years of research and fieldwork, who works with numerous municipalities throughout the Chicagoland area. 

To help the specialist better understand our coyote population and patterns, the community is being asked for their assistance.  Residents who observe a coyote in their neighborhood are asked to Report a Coyote Sighting  to report the location of the sighting along with the condition of the animal.  The purpose is to ascertain more about the coyotes in our area; including location, condition, feeding locations, potential sick animals, etc. 

As coyotes are wild animals, residents should never actively seek out and/or feed these animals as there are a number of negative consequences that may come from a habituated coyote.