Water Main Breaks

Down Time
The water system is comprised of 121 miles of water main. In the event of a main break, the system has many valves which can be shut off to limit the number of homes without water. Affected areas should only be without water for short periods of time. Normally repairs are completed within 4 hours.

Signs of a Break
The village, on average, has approximately 30 main breaks per year due to aging materials, shifting ground and/or frozen pipes. Crews are assembled immediately for these repairs, and will be on site within 2 hours. The crews must wait until utility locates have been completed, such as electric and gas mains, to begin work. If you ever see water coming from the ground, or if you notice an unusual amount of standing water in a normally dry area, please immediately contact the Utilities Division at 630-671-5830. After hours contact Police Dispatch at 630-458-4042.

Water Service Line Breaks & Cracks
The external water service line between the municipal water service shut off box (commonly known as the b-box) to the interior water meter connection (the water meter is the property of the village) is the homeowners responsibility, should there be a break, crack, etc. to said line. Homeowners' insurance typically does not cover such repair or replacement. However, such coverage may be available through purchase of a rider to the homeowners' coverage policy, or through other insurance coverage options. The village does not list or endorse any such insurance coverages.