Tips Before Hiring a Sewer Contractor

Back-Up Emergencies
If you experience a sewer back-up in your home please contact village Services Utilities Division 630-671-5830 or after hours, please call the Police non-emergency number at 630-529-9868 prior to calling a contractor or sewer rodding company.

Private or Public Repairs
Village Utilities Division personnel will check the village Sanitary Sewer for blockages and advise you as to nature of the problem and who is responsible for the problem. If the problem is in the village sewer main we will remove / repair at no cost to you. If the problem is in the private sanitary sewer service we will advise you on steps you need to take to correct the problem.

Sewer Contractors
Consider the following tips for hiring a sewer contractor:
  • If possible and time permits always get more than 1 estimate including a fully detailed description of scope of work including the services, materials, labor, and equipment to be provided by the contractor to complete the work. Contractor's prices vary for numerous reasons. You will see this by obtaining more than 1 estimate. Make sure the scope of work from each contractor is comparable to 1 another.
  • Ask the contractor for references, if they have worked in Bloomingdale before, and are they familiar with the codes and permit requirements of the state and village.
  • Ask if the contractor is licensed, bonded, insured, and request copies.
  • Avoid signing a contract that backs you into a price and waives your right to change your mind. When asked to do so by a contractor, that quote is probably too high and you are being pushed because of the "Emergency" nature of a sewer repair.
  • Ask the contractor who will be responsible for obtaining the necessary village permits for the work - the contractor or you as the property owner.
  • ‘Emergency' or ‘after hours' cost proposals are typically always higher than regular hours. In most cases you can wait and schedule work to occur during regular hours. It may be an inconvenience to do so but it could result in much lower cost. Ask the contractors providing you estimates to identify the cost for scheduling the work during their regular operating hours.
  • By delaying the repairs to save from paying premium prices, your sewer back-up is likely to not get any worse provided you are not putting any more water into the plumbing drain system. Refrain from using your water until you sewer is repaired.
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Codes & Permits
For Codes and Permit information the Building and Zoning Division can be reached at 630-671-5660.

Sanitary Sewer Problems
For Sanitary Sewer Problems or information the Utilities Division can be reached at 630-671-5830 during normal hours Monday though Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. After hours Utilities Division on-call personnel can be reached through the Police Department non emergency number at 630-529-9868.