Parkway Tree Maintenance

For any and all work by a resident or resident's contractor on a parkway tree, a permit is required by Ordinance Number 95-61. This is an ordinance regulating the planting, maintenance and removal of trees on public areas.

Our Tree Pruning Schedule

The village has a comprehensive, systematic tree pruning schedule. This includes contract tree pruning (for trees with a diameter at breast height of 6 or more inches) and in-house trimming. Tree pruning improves tree health and structure. If a resident believes a parkway tree requires pruning, please contact the Forestry Division at 630-671-5800.

Planter Walls

Installing planter walls around parkway trees is work which requires a permit. The village discourages the installation of planter walls around parkway trees because the parkway is village property and the typical installation of a small diameter ring filled with soil is injurious to the tree. For those residents who have installed planter walls without permits, approval can be obtained by contacting James M. Johnson, Urban Forester, at 630-671-5804. The village will be notifying residents of a violation when unacceptable planters are encountered.