Tree & Shrub Care in a Drought

Don't forget to give your trees and shrubs a drink of water during these extraordinary dry and hot weather conditions, in accordance with the village's automatic sprinkling device restrictions. While village forestry crews are watering parkway trees, your help with this village watering effort is also greatly appreciated - especially those parkway trees planted last fall and this spring as replacements for ash tree removals. Regular watering of these new trees during these ‘drought-like' conditions will reduce stress and aid in the tree's long term mortality. The Village Forester suggests a deep root soaking at least twice a week until regular rain returns. Over watering in these hot dry, conditions is not a concern.

Two easy ways to accomplish watering

1.  Set a garden hose at the base of the tree, and let it trickle for 15 minutes. 

2.  Perforate a 5-gallon plastic bucket with several holes, place it near the trunk of the tree and fill it with water.  Allow the water to seep out, then repeat.

After the tree has been established for two years the root structure is better able to withstand a wider range of water conditions.