Mailbox & Parkway Damage

The village will replace and/or reimburse a resident up to $50 for a mailbox/post damaged as a result of the village snowplow operations, provided:
  • The homeowner notifies the village of the damage
  • The village performs an in-house investigation
  • The mailbox is installed per village setback requirements 
Your Responsibilities & Mailboxes

Residents are requested to inspect mailboxes and posts to ensure sturdiness and compliance with the postal service installation requirements, and correct any problem identified. Refer to installation guidelines. If you have questions as to whether or not your mailbox is in compliance with village requirements, you may contact Public Works Street Maintenance at 630-671-5800.

Parkway Damage
The possibility of damage to parkways due to snowplowing operations exists. It is village policy to repair parkways in April, May, and early June, weather permitting, as this is the best time for the germination of grass seed. Please contact Public Works Street Maintenance at 630-671-5800 to report damage to your parkway.