Bicycle Patrol

One of the more significant problems facing public safety agencies today is the demand for more accessible officers. Police departments strive to strike an acceptable balance to maintain high quality services, with limited fiscal and human resources. There is also a high public demand for timely police response to calls for service, both emergency and non-emergency.

Bridging the Gap
Seeking to bridge the gap between personal service and rapid response is the use of bicycles. Officers with quality equipment and specially designed uniforms can now comfortably meet the demands of rapid response over a wide area, while still offering regular face-to-face interaction with the public.

Utilizing skills, concepts, and information provided to the bicycle patrol officer through training and experience should greatly increase the success of the Bloomingdale Police Department in providing and performing services to the public.
Bike Patrol Officers
Bicycles as a Tool
The bicycle can be used as another law enforcement tool by combining pro-active enforcement of the law and community oriented policing. The bicycle allows the officer to move effortlessly from contacts with the community to patrolling parks and other problem areas.

A bicycle patrol officer often patrols in areas that regular squad cars almost never cover and are sometimes hidden from view. A bicycle patrol officer will use back yards, areas between houses, and trails to travel where a squad car cannot reach. These areas, which often go unnoticed, lend themselves to criminal activities.

Additional Information
If you have any questions or comments regarding the Bicycle Patrol Unit, please contact the Police Department at 630-529-9868.