Electronics Recycling (E-Waste)


Electronic items are banned from Illinois landfills, and cannot be set out with the regular garbage.

SBC collects E-waste at the curb one (1) collection day per month during the first full collection week of each month, (Tues, Wed and Thurs all land in the same week).  Customers must contact SBC 48 hours in advance to arrange collection by phone 312-522-1115 or email @  www.residential@sbcwastesolutions.com.

E-Waste Items Accepted without charge include:  Accepted items: Computers, Laptops, Servers, Computer Monitors*, Televisions*, Printers, Facsimile, Scanners, VCR and DVD Players, Video Game Consoles, Cable and Converter Boxes, Satellite Receivers, Electronic Keyboards, Mice, Portable Music Players, Holiday String Lights, Wire, Cables, Adapters, Power Supplies, Cell Phones, Modems, Tablets, Phones, Docking Stations

TVs and Computer Monitors are also collected with advance payment to SBC:

Up to 21” screen = $18/unit
Over 21” screen +  $30/unit 
For residents who do not reside in single family homes, the Bloomingdale Township Highway Department also sponsors an Electronic Recycling Event several Saturdays each year at the Bloomingdale Township Garage at 123 North Rosedale Avenue from 8 a.m. to noon. For specific dates, CLICK HERE.