How to Avoid HHW

Use the following tips to avoid HHW:
  • Use it up: If you use all of a product with hazardous ingredients in accordance with label directions, there is no HHW to manage. Containers that once held a hazardous product are not considered HHW if they are completely empty. If you can't use it up, see if someone else can use the remainder of the product.
  • Buy safer products: Seek out and purchase products without hazardous ingredients. If no safer alternatives exist, purchase only as much of the hazardous product that you need to do the job. Avoid large, economy size containers unless you are sure that you can use it all. DuPage County offers a booklet entitled A Guide to Safer Household Cleaners, which offers nontoxic and safer, less toxic cleaning recipes. Please call 630-682-7130 to request a copy of this publication provided by the DuPage County Environmental Committee.
  • Try to recycle: Many local businesses recycle leftover products with hazardous ingredients. Refer to the DuPage County Recycling Guide for information on recycling and other disposal options for certain types of HHW, including automotive products, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, etc.