Residential Survey

2013 Results
The village's online residential survey was opened on September 25 and closed on November 1. The purpose of the survey was to collect input from residents regarding the views and values they place on various services / events provided by the village.

Of the 504 residents who completed the survey:
  • 94% are somewhat to very satisfied with the services provided by the village.
  • 99% feel safe in their home (92% very often to always).
  • The majority receive news and information about the village through the Village Almanac (89%), e-news (70%), website (62%) and Front Sign (54%).
  • The majority (78%) would like the village to continue producing the Village Almanac, of which 59% would like it to be distributed electronically.
  • The majority use social media (55%), but are not interested in receiving village information through it.
Top Concerns
10% or more of the survey respondents identified the following items as the top concerns facing the village:
  • Fiscal Sustainability (Budget) - 59%
  • Attracting New Business with Economic Incentives and Flexible Design Standards - 56%
  • Promoting and Retaining Current Businesses - 41%
  • Public Safety / Crime Prevention - 35%
  • Public Infrastructure (Streets, Sidewalks, Sewers, etc.) - 25%
  • Condition of Housing / Neighborhoods - 18%
Resource Allocation
The most frequent response was for no changes to be made to resources devoted to services provided or community events hosted by the village, except that more resources should be devoted to:
  • Attracting New Business - 74%
  • Promoting and Retaining Existing Business - 64%
  • Neighborhood Patrol - 47%
  • The return of a "scaled-back" family fest with a local focus and a fireworks display - 47%
View detailed survey responses in the 2013 Residential Survey Results (PDF). Survey responses will serve as a tool for the village's upcoming planning and budgeting purposes.