Cross Connection Control Survey

All Bloomingdale Water Customers are requested to complete the Bloomingdale Cross Connection Control Survey. Please note that this survey requires your village water account number and manufacturer's information of any existing cross-connection control devices at the location so please have this information available before you begin the survey.

Back Flow Problems
The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) are responsible for enforcing cross-connection regulations. A cross connection is an unprotected or improper connection to the village water system, that may cause contamination or pollution to enter the system. Unchecked, undetected or accidental cross-connections could allow "backflow" into the village's drinking water system posing potentially serious health dangers. For more information regarding connections, please review the Bloomingdale Cross Connection Control Manual, or the EPA Cross Connection Control Manual.

Cross Connection Control Program

In the interest of the public health safety and welfare, the IEPA requires the village to administer a Cross Connection Control Program which is designed to protect the integrity of the village's drinking water system. To comply with IEPA regulations, the village is required to:
  • Adopt an IEPA approved Cross-Connection Control Ordinance. We adopted Section 9-2-A of the Village Code.
  • Survey all public water system customers, to determine whether a cross-connection may exist in their home or business. The survey requests the home or business to identify the plumbing fixtures present, and how the water is being used. The survey aids the village in identifying actual or potential cross connections, as well as any plumbing fixtures installed to protect against backflow.
  • Review the survey information to determine whether, or not, a follow-up inspection of your plumbing system is required. If a follow-up inspection is required, you will be notified to arrange a meeting at your residence or business.
Any questions should be directed to Elias Vega, Water Production Supervisor 630-671-5830.

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