Sewer Service Grant Program

This program provides for a one time 50/50 participation not to exceed $5,000 for the installation of overhead sewers. A permit is required but the fee is waived.

Some homes are subject to basement back-ups because of "low" sanitary service lines in relation to the elevation of the village mainline sewer. During rainstorms, when excessive inflow and infiltration enters the sewer, the mainline sanitary sewer may surcharge creating a higher hydraulic grade line causing sanitary sewerage to back-ups into homes. Overhead sewers (with pumped discharge capabilities for the basement level of the home) significantly reduce the frequency of such wet weather back-ups. It is recognized, however, that retrofitting plumbing systems is expensive which discourages many homeowners from taking corrective action.

Sewer Service Grant
The Sewer Service Grant Program is designed to encourage more homeowners to take action resulting in fewer back-ups enhancing the quality of life for the resident. Overhead sewer, gate valve and flap valve installation may be a low-cost alternative to a very expensive storm water separation project.

Procedures / Guidelines
Interested homeowners who can show evidence of sewer back-ups should submit a grant application to the Village Services Department for evaluation and approval.
  • Approved applicants should obtain a Village of Bloomingdale plumbing permit and an applicable electrical permit and pay all applicable fees.
  • Applicants install overhead sewer system, gate valves, flap valves or other suitable systems using their own contractor.
  • Upon completion of the work and receipt of a final inspection by the village, the applicants will be reimbursed for 50% of the overhead sewer system, gate valve, flap valve or other suitable system costs not to exceed $5,000.
  • The funds available for this program shall be identified in the annual Utilities Maintenance Expenditure Plan.
  • Only 1 grant award will be made per address.
  • Upon completion of the initial construction installation all future system maintenance, repair and replacement is the responsibility of the residents.