Nuisance Wildlife Information

The Nuisance Wildlife Control Policy provides guidance on non-domestic, nuisance wildlife situations that threaten public health and/or safety on a per incident basis.  The Director of Public Works is responsibile for administering and interpreting the policy conditions.  The policy specifically includes:
  1. Injured / Dead Wildlife

    Find out what happens to injured or dead wildlife in our county.

  2. Non-Nuisance Wildlife

    Learn what to do in the case of non-nuisance wildlife.

  3. Skunks

    Recommended skunk deterrence methods, trapping and removal condtions.

  1. Wasp or Bee Nests

    Find out who is in charge of maintaining wasp / bee nests.

  2. Wildlife Trapping Referrals

    Review a list of trapping referrals within the county.