Living With Wildlife

The presence of wild animals in urban areas reflects their ability to adapt to replacement of fields, trees and streams by lawns, ponds, gardens and chimneys. Animals may use this new environment at the expense of their human neighbors, creating a disturbance or causing property damage. However, these animals are behaving naturally, not acting with malicious intent. 
  1. Coyotes & Red Foxes in DuPage County

    Learn how to prevent problems with coyotes and red foxes and how to recognize them.

  2. Maybe it's Babies...Give Mom a Break

    Learn to tell the difference between sick animals and new mothers.

  3. Nuisance Wildlife Information

    Information regarding injured/ dead wildlife or wildlife that threatens public health and/or safety.

  4. Resolve Conflicts With Your Wild Neighbors

    Review these 5 tips to resolve conflicts with wild neighbors.

  5. Stray Cats

    Explore the different options that the village has available for dealing with stray cats.

  6. Willowbrook Wildlife Center

    Suggestions for dealing with wildlife concerns are available from the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County's Willowbrook Wildlife Center.