Safety Alerts

  1. Don't Invite Burglars

    The Bloomingdale Police Department reminds residents to take the necessary steps to avoid being a victim of a residential break in to their home.

  2. Identity Theft Prevention

    Credit card usage has increased for everyday items, so please be extra careful during all times of the year by observing these safety tips.

  3. Large Feline Sighted in Meacham Woods (PDF)

  4. Scam and Con Alert

    The Bloomingdale Police Department wants all citizens to be aware of home repair fraud, phone scams, mail fraud, and Internet scams and to practice the recommended safety tips.

  1. School Bus Safety

    Always be aware of school buses and take the extra precautions that are necessary for school bus safety.

  2. Street Solicitation Alert

    Recently in the area there have been individuals who are approaching citizens and asking them for money to purchase gasoline for their vehicles. Be on alert for something similar to this scam.

  3. Vehicle Safety

    The Bloomingdale Police Department encourages everyone to consider this information whether taking a trip by car or for everyday vehicle use.