Public Works Division

The Public Works Division is responsible for the maintenance of Village Streets, Sidewalks, Trees,Right-of-ways, Buildings and Equipment.  The Division consists of the following operational areas.

Buildings & Grounds
Buildings and Grounds provides preventative, routine and emergency maintenance on municipally owned buildings and surrounding grounds including the Village Hall, Police Department, Public Works Facility, Gazebo, Old Village Hall, and miscellaneous buildings / properties.

Equipment Maintenance
Equipment Maintenance is responsible for providing preventative, routine and emergency maintenance of village vehicles and equipment. Total responsibility encompasses over 100 trucks, cars and tractors and over 100 pieces of small equipment.

Forestry manages and maintains our municipal forest to provide current and future generations with a structurally sound and healthy urban forest. Services include tree maintenance, routine tree pruning, clearance pruning for traffic control / signage, removal of hazardous, dead and dying trees, and planting of new and replacement trees. View Forestry Programs and Tree Care.

Street Maintenance
Street Maintenance maintains (directly, contractually or through joint agency agreement)over 140 center line miles of streets and 150 cul-de-sacs. Services include snow and ice control, street repairs, street sweeping, maintenance of sidewalks / curbs, right-of-way, street signs, street lights, recreational paths, 4 village-owned traffic signals and 3 school beacons.