Public Works

Divisions of Public Works

  1. Building & Grounds

    Provides preventative, routine and emergency maintenance on municipally owned facilities and surrounding grounds

  2. Equipment Maintenance

    Provides preventative, routine, and emergency maintenance services of the Village’s “rolling stock”, both vehicles and equipment, essential to Village operations and services delivery in all Departments.

  3. Forestry Programs & Tree Care

    Forestry manages and maintains our municipal forest. Services include tree maintenance, routine tree pruning, clearance pruning for traffic control / signage, removal of hazardous, dead and dying trees, and planting of new and replacement trees.

    1. Tree Planting Program

      The program provides trees, including planting, at a 50/50 cost sharing with the village.

    2. Bloomingdale Named Tree City USA

      Bloomingdale has been named a Tree City USA by The National Arbor Day Foundation.

    3. Branch Collection Program

      The branch collection service is performed under the direction of the Village Forestry Division.

    4. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

      The EAB is a small, metallic green insect that poses a significant threat to the urban forest of Illinois.

    5. Environmental & Economic Benefits of Trees

      Learn how trees improve our neighborhood.

    6. Tree / Plant Information Maintenance & Care

      Learn how to take care of your trees!

  1. Street Maintenance

    Maintains (directly, contractually or through joint agency agreement) over 140 center line miles of streets and 150 cul-de-sacs. Services include snow and ice control, street repairs, street sweeping, maintenance of sidewalks / curbs, right-of-way, street signs, street lights, recreational paths, 4 village-owned traffic signals and 3 school beacons

    1. Reporting Street Problems

      Learn how to report a problem with potholes, downed signs, dead animals and right-of-ways concerns.

    2. Right of Way Maintenance

      Public Works Maintenance-Streets maintains Village right-of-ways.

    3. Snow Removal Policies

      Review all policies regarding snow removal.

    4. Traffic Signals

      Find out information about traffic signals.

  2. Utilities

    The Utilities Division operates and maintains the Village's Water and Sewer Infrastructures.

    1. Water Distribution & Collection

      Learn about the water distribution and collection division.

    2. Water Production

      Learn about the water production and customer service division.

    3. Water Reclamation Facility

      Water Reclamation cost effectively accepts and processes all sanitary sewage and wet weather inflow and infiltration for treatment and discharge to the East branch of the DuPage River.