Public Safety

  1. Police

    The mission of every member of the Bloomingdale Police Department is to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote, preserve and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to members of our community.

  2. Bloomingdale Fire Protection Dist 1

    The mission of the Bloomingdale Fire Protection District l is to ensure the safety and well-being of the district through prompt and professional services in the event of fire, medical emergencies, disasters and other events which may threaten the public welfare.

  3. CodeRED - Emergency Notification

    The CodeRED Emergency Notification System is an ultra high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications.

  4. Emergency Preparedness

    Being prepared for emergencies is crucial at home, school, work and in your community, use these resources to prepare for any emergency that may happen.

  5. Hospitals & Healthcare

    Explore the different kinds of full-service hospitals and other healthcare services offered to the community.

  6. Neighborhood Watch

    The Neighborhood Watch Program is a cooperative effort between the residents of Bloomingdale and the Bloomingdale Police Department designed to build a working relationship to help reduce the opportunity factor of crime in neighborhoods.

  1. Public Health

    Get tips on various threats to the local public health and its safety also.

  2. R911 Guardian Call System

    The R911 Guardian Program is a computerized telephone call system used by the DuPage County Sheriff's Office to provide residents of DuPage County, who meet program qualifications, reassurance in knowing their well being will be checked on a regular basis.

  3. Safety Alerts

    The Village of Bloomingdale offers many different safety alerts for residents.

  4. Smart911

    Smart911 allows you to store critical care and emergency rescue information with Smart911 in advance of any emergency.

  5. File of Life

    The File of Life is a mini-medical history that provides emergency personnel with helpful information during critical and/or life-threatening situations.

  6. Extreme Weather & Lightning Sirens

    Learn more about Extreme Weather (Tornado) and Lightning Detection Sirens located in the Village.