The Administration Department consists of an Executive & Legislative Branch and an Administrative Branch (with eight functional areas contained within) that collectively cover the general activities of the Corporate Authorities and Administration. The staff consists of a Village Administrator, Assistant Village Administrator, Human Resources Director, Community & Economic Development Coordinator, Manager of Information Systems, Information Systems Technician, Deputy Village Clerk/Executive Assistant to the Village Administrator and an Executive Secretary/Village Almanac Editor.
  1. Executive & Legislative

    Responsible for the general activities of the Corporate Authorities and Village Clerk.

  2. Administration

    Responsible for the day to day operations of the Village.

  3. Community Relations

    Responsible for disseminating and maintaining multiple venues of communication with both residents and businesses.

  4. Economic Development

    Oversees projects/programs to attract and retain commercial development.

  5. Emergency Operations

    Oversees and coordinates various community-wide emergency management initiatives.

  1. Human Resources

    Responsible for the maintenance of employee pay plans, benefits, recruitment, and relations.

  2. Information Systems

    IS is responsible for securing, administering, and maintaining the Village's data and voice communications resources.

  3. Legal

    Coordinates and monitors work performed by contracted legal counsel.

  4. Community Development

    Assists the work of the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) and Village-sponsored planning initiatives.

  5. Risk Management

    Responsible for loss prevention, employee safety training, OSHA compliance and managing third party damage and personal injury claims.